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Albuquerque May, 2015

St. Charles June, 2015

Durango Railfest July, 2015

Chicagoland April, 2016

Albuquerque May, 2016

Durango July 2016

Helena, MT April 2018

Livingston, MT April 2018

Welcome to the website of the RCAI
The Railroadiana Collectors Association, Incorporated.
Founded in 1971, RCAI promotes fellowship and scholarship among collectors of the artifacts of railroad history. Many specialize in a particular type of artifact such as locks and keys, dining car china, timetables, or hardware. Others concentrate on particular railroads or the roads that served a particular region. All enjoy the rich and colorful history of railroading and strive to preserve this great legacy through conserving the artifacts that represent it.

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Published quarterly and in full color!

(With the exception of some vintage B&W photos.)